One Pair of Curtains and Another Project

I absolutely love gallery walls.  I think they are perfect in any home and I especially love when personal touches are added to make them even more special.  I also love white picture frames.  I seem to gravitate to them in any store I enter and walk out with a few.  I was thinking about the special pieces of jewelry and other nicknack's that I have and decided that to display them the best was to create a gallery wall in my bedroom.  My husband and I are the only ones who really get to view it (who am I kidding?  I alone am the only one gazing at it!), but since I have put it together, I truly love it.

I first hauled out some of my white frames and some special pieces to be displayed in them.  I choose a beautiful cameo pendant my mom bought in Pompeii, a small sand dollar; also from my mom, a broach my husband bought for me, another broach from my mother-in-law, a charm that my Auntie Marilyn gave me years and years ago of Big Ben, and a couple vintage doily's from my Memere (French Grandma).

I arranged them the way I liked best and then, hence the title of the posting, used some of my son's leftover material from his curtains to add to the background.  This is what I came up with...

so hard to get the lighting just right...

My all time favorite thing to use when hanging pictures is 3M Picture Hanging Strips!  If you have not already tried these babies you have got to!

Just as a side note my son's curtains can be seen all over our house in various projects.  We bought his curtains from Ikea several years ago and the extra material that was left over after we hemmed them is not going to waste!  Here are some of the other projects that have been graced by his curtains...

I may have to tackle this tangled mess one day...  This is what I found when looking for some ribbon to add to one of the frames.

another day...
Hummmm, maybe I could use my Yarn Storage?

Hope you all have a great day of creating!

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  1. Hey Corinne! Thanks for linking up to my party, I LOVE your gallery wall! I like that you used things that mean something to your family...such a lovely touch!
    Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


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