Just Like Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn't like fresh, out-of-the-oven, warm chocolate chip cookies? I love them. My ginger princes love them. My husband loves them.

My husband is addicted to browsing the Internet. If he has a question on home improvement, he consults You Tube. If he needs to research a new electronic devise he finds his answer on forums. He is THE go-to guy for all things technical from our family, friends and work. So when he came across this recipe on yumsugar.com he sent it on to me to give it a go. I happily obliged.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
From Mrs. Fields

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup C & H dark brown sugar (firmly packed) 1/2 cup white sugar 1 cup cold salted butter, cut into cubes 2 large eggs 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 2 cups (12 oz.) semisweet chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 300° F.
  2. In a medium bowl combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix well with a wire whisk.
  3. In a large bowl, with an electric mixer blend the sugars at medium speed.
  4. Add the cold butter and mix to form a grainy paste, scraping down the sides of the bowl. Add eggs and vanilla extract and mix at low to medium speed just until blended. Do not over mix.
  5. Add the flour mix and chocolate chips and blend at a low speed just until mixed. Do not over mix.
  6. Drop by rounded tablespoons onto an ungreased cookie sheet, two inches apart.
  7. Bake 20-22 minutes until golden. Transfer cookies immediately to a cool surface with a spatula. You can line sheets with parchment and transfer to a cold surface to do it faster.
Makes 30-36 cookies, depending on the size of your scoops.

(recipe taken directly from website)

Enjoy your day of baking, creating, or whatever else you love to do!

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