Valentines Day Rant

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I have mixed feelings about this "holiday". I always feel there is a lot of pressure to do something.
Well, this year the ginger princes, my hubs and I are going to partake in a heart shaped pizza at Boston Pizza. Most likely we will show up at the restaurant at 4:30, order for the kids before the waitress puts the menus down and be gone in 45. I may throw in a huge glass of wine this year just to mix things up.
In years past (pre-ginger) we used to go out for dinner, buy each other gifts. Ultimately, spend WWWAAAYYY too much money.
I see pros and cons for each, but's just a day. Like any other day. But it is nice to be reminded to kiss a little more, hug a little more and snuggle a whole lot more. I am not a hater. In fact, the people who hate on V-day and call it a cash grab irritate me. Yes, Hallmark created the day. Yes, flowers cost a fortune on this one day. Yes, you do spend more money than you would like to. But suck it up and do it. We all appreciate the love. Don't we?

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