Halloween Skeleton Wreath

BOO! Did I scare you?

I don't know what it is about Halloween that I love so much, but it very well could be one of my top 2 holidays (Christmas is ALWAYS number one). I found this amazing idea for a spooky wreath on Pinterest. This creator is genius! I really wanted to try this out, so when the stores started stocking up for Halloween, I bought all my necessary supplies at once. I already had some of the bones required from a skeleton that the wind ravaged last year, so I only needed one bag of bones that I found at Walmart. I glued them together with Gorilla Glue and No More Nails. Truthfully, I like No More Nails the best as it doesn't move around on me like the other. The bones didn't match up in color, so to remedy that I spray painted them with a light grey primer and then rubbed some chestnut shoe polish over the whole thing to look more uniform. Lastly, I attached some spiders with twist ties, added a ribbon and done! It looks so cool on the door! Now I just have to wait and wait and wait for Halloween night to come!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Spook Halloween Night!

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