Welcome to Pinterest

OMG!  I so LOVE Pinterest!  It is one of my newest projects!  To me, Pinterest is harmless window shopping.  Everything I like, I pin.  I virtual shop, pin it to one of my "boards" and dream of one day owning all my choices.  I can look at all the boards I create anytime and add to them, or create new boards with any theme I choose.

Below is my board for my Dream Home...

I also started a My Style board...

So much FUN!  You can check out my boards at http://pinterest.com/twogingerprince/.  If you are interested and would like to start your own boards, you will need to apply to join Pinterest.  Click here and it will take you to the site.  I think it should only take about a week and then you will be up and running!  Happy Pinning! 

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