winter wreath.

One evening after the husband and I, and our Ginger Princes went out for dinner together, we stepped out into the parking lot to discover we had a flat.  Crap. While my husband waited for the tow truck the youngest prince and I headed to Lowes for a little distraction. Keep in mind that it is early October. You can imagine my surprise when it looked like Christmas threw up in the store.  It was wonderful! Gigantic Santa, enormous snowmen, and massive reindeer all bobbing and waving their blown up limbs at us.  I couldn't control my excitement!  I grabbed a shopping cart and pilled in a beautiful cream colored tree skirt, shatterproof Christmas ornaments in just the right shade of brown, and just for good measure, gardening gloves.  Kinda random, but they too were super cute!  I knew I wanted to transform the wreath into something a bit more, but it sure started out great. Here is the picture of the wreath I bought...

For $39.98 I thought the bones were fab.  My husband was a bit surprised to see us walking back from Lowes with packages...PACKAGES of stuff.  Thanks Lowes!  Hey cashier...try not to be a total bi**h to me when I am buying Christmas in October.

Fast forward one month and I am ready to inject some winter warm (so NOT a real thing in Calgary). I added some of the shatterproof ornaments that I had bought earlier and some additional feathers that I scored at the dollar store.

Here is what you will see now!

I like it.  I think it's pretty.  Thanks Lowes, and really more importantly...thanks flat tire!

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