buffalo chicken burgers.

Tonight we are going to try something new.  Buffalo Chicken Burgers.  Sounds like it would be right up our alley.  The Ginger Princes excluded.  They really don't like anything though...so no surprise there. They will stick to their normal cucumbers, and buns.  Could be worse.

I made up the chicken burgers last night and let them rest in the fridge over night.  Hopefully they don't fall apart on me.  This is my first time making burgers out of ground chicken.  I am challenging myself to mix it up a little with my cooking.  It's not Joy of Cooking, but it's not Easy Bake either.  Truth be told, I've been in a cooking rut.  Just can't pull myself out of the 4 o'clock scramble.  I have been trying my hand at meal planning.  Nothing crazy, just pulling stuff out of the deep freeze on Sunday so we actually have something decent to eat throughout the week.

So here goes...I found the recipe from the Allrecipes website.  An awesome website I tell you, awesome. The one I went with is the Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Blue Cheese Dressing.  Blue Cheese Dressing is not really our thing so I just opted out of going in that direction.  The recipe is here.

Here they are...let's dig in!

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