Easter Wreath

Good Day! Are you one of those people who just gets inexplicably happy around this time of year? I am! The seasons change, the days grow longer, and thankfully the grass gets green! I live in the prairies. For those of you who are familiar, enough said. For those of you who have no idea...the prairies are cold and can be extremely unforgiving. Our winter's are long. Not like a few months long, like 9 months long. I need this season. To celebrate, I created an Easter Wreath and wanted to share it will you. Check it out!

Here is where I glued a whole bunch of cute things to a regular grapevine wreath. As you can see, I have butterflies, Easter eggs, and a beautiful garland that I found on sale at Micheal's. A very easy wreath to complete, and I just love the results.

Happy Easter everyone!

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