Cabinet Redo - Then & Now

My dad made this cabinet for us a few years ago. It was never really my favorite, but we needed something to house all of our TV components and I LOVE that my dad is handy and agreed to make us something, instead of shopping at IKEA. When he first built it it looked liked this...

nice, but just not great...

I fell in love with this paint color at Benjamin Moore. It's called Wedgwood Grey. I just knew I was going to use it for something. Crazy huh? I buy paint BEFORE I know what I am going to do with it. Anyway, I got home and looked around my house to see where my paint was going to land up. I looked in the living room and AHA! The cabinet that I like, but don't love...perfect! I got to work on it right away. Well, actually I did have to wait till my husband came home so he could empty out the electrical stuff for me. But after that, it was off to the races!

I popped off the doors and punched out the metal inserts (they were garbage anyway). It took about three coats in total. Next, I had to re-figure the door inserts. We always wanted something that looked cool, and kept the TV components cool as well. After much thought, I came up with the idea of using cloth table napkins. I loved the print on the napkins and it worked perfectly with the paint color. I borrowed (he may never see it again) a staple gun from my friend and in about 5 minutes was done! I didn't want to cut the napkins, just in case I changed my mind and wanted to actually use them as napkins one day, so I just folded them down to size and stapled them securely in place.

Volia! I love the cabinet now!
It looks like it finally belongs...welcome home cabinet, welcome home.

Oh hey! I stopped by Anthropology and picked up some sweet bone cabinet pulls. Check it!

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