How was your Mother's Day?

Mine was fantastic!  I received some beautiful flowers from the ginger princes along with a burrito and a sandwich from the gas station.  What else could a mom ask for?  Oh yeah, how about some Treasure Chest Cookie Mix that my 5 year old ginger prince brought home from school for me?  The mix came in a really pretty jar with all the ingredients layered for easy baking.  I only had to add butter, egg and vanilla.  Or so I thought...

I forgot to take a picture of my jar, so I improvised.

We decided to make the cookies today after school.  It was a really sweet gift that I was looking forward to tasting.  Especially since there were M&M's and mini chocolate chips in the mix!  After mixing, adding, and then baking for 10 minutes here is what they looked liked;


Whomever the parent volunteer in the classroom was this particular day forgot a VERY important ingredient...flour.

After a good laugh, the second batch looked a little better with the important ingredient added.

All was not lost on the first batch however.  We scooped off the "batter" and were able to salvage it as a kind of granola, we also figured out it would taste great adding it to ice cream...YUMMY!

Thank you to one of my two favorite ginger princes for such a creative and tasty Mother's Day gift.  This was a very memorable day for me and will never be forgotten.

Have a great rest of the week!

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