Sticker Crazy

I am was absolutely crazy for wall decals (ok, really just stickers, but it sounds so grown-up when you call them wall decals...right?).  I think it was a bit of an obsession for a while there, until my husband held an intervention and told me under no circumstances are we welcoming another sticker in our home.  I had to agree.  Your home can start to look a bit flat if you stick with one art source.  But the world of wall decals is amazing these days!  Gone are the days of pasting Winnie in your child's bedroom and calling it decorated.  You can get some really great decals that can transform any room.  I was first introduced to wall decals through Blik.  If you haven't checked out this site, do so.  It will inspire.  Here are two rooms with Blik decals...

Powder Room

My eldest son's room

Cool little robots

I thought my fridge looked boring, so I added some store bought stickers to that too...

Then the front foyer needed some love...

And don't forget the mudroom!

Our youngest son needed some stickers in his room!

I realize this needs updating...

Then there's the laundry room...

These stickers were first in our bedroom, but then I moved them here.

And lastly, our master bath.

I actually had more in various other rooms, but under my husband's order I gave up the additional stickers to my friend and neighbor.  They look way better in her daughter's room anyway!  Wall decals are a great way to add some pizazz to any room, but you can get a little out of control with them.  My advise is to enjoy decals in moderation.  And if that doesn't work, call me and I can talk you down!

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