Well Said

I sent a thank you note to the guy that made our kitchen table and he sent me a reply back that I just have to share.  It really sums it all up.  So here is what he sent...

Thank you so much. You guys are the reason I like to do this. It brings be great joy that you enjoy it. It is always a little nerve racking when you put your heart and soul into something and then share that with others. 

I truly hope that your table brings you much use/enjoyment. When you think about it, a kitchen table is truly the heart of your home. Besides eating family meals.  There are tears shed on it, plans made on it, laughter around it, and 'life' happens at it. 

That is why I love weathered tables. It looks LOVED and symbolizes what should happen in your home. We weather the bumps and nicks in life; but it foes not make us less beautiful. In fact it does the opposite. The more nicks and bumps we get the more we love the person that he/she is becoming!

Thank you for the blog and enjoy your table.

Well said.

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